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Back to school can be exciting or nerve-wracking!

One thing that you can always count on being fun is meeting new South Florida bloggers! For this month’s Blogger Spotlight we are featuring one of the newest chapter officers.


Name: Nabila Verushka (my full name is Nabila Verushka Nassar …Verushka is a made up middle name I gave myself back in 2010. When I was born, my mum didn’t give me a middle name and for most of my life, I longed for one. I honestly can’t remember how I came up with Verushka but I’m sure it was a good story.

Blog Name: One Tiny Dinosaur

Blog Type: Geek Fashion & Lifestyle

Blogger Bio

Where are you from?

 I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I lived in Tallahassee a couple of years ago. My parents are Colombian Lebanese.

Why did you start blogging?

Since I like to wear clothes and take pictures, I said to myself one day ‘Hey listen, why don’t you start that “what I wore today” blog you’ve always wanted to do.’ So I did! And that pretty much evolved into a lifestyle blog. I’ve been a pretty creative person all my life and I’ve always needed an outlet to express that creativity; whether it be talking about geek fashion and things, taking pictures of anything and everything, or posting silly selfies.

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for about a year and a couple of months now. I used to have a photography blog (a couple of years ago) that I’m planning on reviving soon.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

When I first started my blog about a year ago, it was titled Nabzillla (yes with 3 l’s) That was a nickname I had when I was a part of the FSU Gaming Committee a couple of years back. It’s a play between my name and Godzilla, lol. After that I changed it to Nabi Verushka, but then I wanted something separate and less confusing (I’m a photographer, and my website is, so to me it was very confusing to have as well). Soooo after a while of going back and forth between possible names, I ended up with One Tiny Dinosaur because I love dinosaurs. That’s pretty much it.

Blogger Fun Facts & Advice

1) Are you an introvert, extrovert, or an ambivert?

I would say I’m an ambivert. There are times when I want to be social and hang out with people, but there are other times when I just want to stay home and watch Netflix or play video games and eat pizza.

2) How much time do you dedicate to your blog each week?

I dedicate a couple of hours a week, depending on the content. Usually, I get my inspiration at around 2 in the morning, which doesn’t exactly work with my life schedule, but it happens, lol. My current goal is to post about 2 times a week (which I haven’t been doing as of late), but I have soo many ideas and projects I want to post about, so stay tuned!

3) What is your favorite social media channel and which one do you put most of your focus on and why?

My fave is Instagram and I use that one the most. I follow a lot of amazing photographers, bloggers, and influencers; and that just fuels my creativity and aspirations. I think currently, Instagram is THE app to have. I mean, everyone and their mother has Instagram these days (my mum does! @tierramayraaire, she just started hers, but follow her for travel photography & tips! ?)

I use Instagram the most probably because I always have access to it on my phone, as opposed to my blog (on wordpress) that I strictly use on my computer. Ultimately, I love Instagram because I love looking at pretty pictures, stalking following my favorite bloggers and friends, and overall it’s a great app to keep in touch, share your creativity, and to network. My Instagram is @onetinydinosaur 

4) What is your favorite place to eat in Miami?

I love food and food loves me so narrowing it down to just one place is pretty tough! But, since I have to choose just one, I’ll have to say that Lan Pan-Asian Café is my fave. At least currently. I am in love with their Lychee Boba Tea with Lychee Poppers. Their sushi is super delicious (if you’re adventurous, try the Mystery Roll) and their Thai donuts are heavenly. Definitely, check that place out!

5) What place would you recommend a tourist to definitely not leave Miami without visiting?

If you like cool graffiti and street art, I suggest Wynwood. I also suggest getting there early because it gets packed with both tourists and locals. I think every Fashion Blogger has taken pictures there at one point (yours truly included). If you’re into nature, check out Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

6) Are you usually on time or on “Miami time”?

I’m usually on time. The thought of being late makes me anxious, so I usually like to leave so that I get there with time to spare. The biggest literal roadblock to that is traffic, and when it comes to traffic, Miami is a gold medal champion.

7) What do you love most about blogging? (Question from Stephanie)

Not only do I love that I can blog about whatever I want and there are humans out there that like it, but also the community of fellow bloggers that I have met along this blogging journey of mine. I LOVE that something like The Blogger Union/ South Florida Bloggers exists. I’ve met sooo many amazing people through this community, and I’ve learned sooo much interesting info (and tasted sooo many delicious foods!) by attending meetups, that I don’t know what I would do without the monthly meetups!

8) Who inspires you in your blogging journey and why(Question from Stephanie)

Check out A Clothes Horse. I’ve been following her for years & years and I’m in love with her photos and content. She takes most of her own photos using a tripod, which to me is amazing! And they’re SO BEAUTIFUL! Plus, I love her fashion sense. Stalking her blog is probably what ignited my love for blogging.

9) What’s something special that you think you are bringing to your readers/followers with your blog? (Question from Stephanie)

I blog about geeky fashion and other geek related things, like action figures, pins, video games, geeky events, etc; which you don’t usually see much of. I also take my own photos (most of the time…other times I bug my mum to take photos of me lol).

10) Share a small piece of advice for fellow bloggers.

Be yourself and post what you want! And join groups like The South Florida Bloggers. Their motto: Kind Collaboration over Competition, is beautiful and it’s just what we need in this wonderful & maddening blogging world!

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