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October NYC Blogger Meetup Recap

NYC Bloggers October Meetup group photo

The October NYC Bloggers Meetup was held on Saturday October 26th at La Cubana, NYC. We started off our event with a panel of speakers experienced in Monetizing their brands. Darleen Lebron @suitsheelscurves and Jordan Elbaum @pricklyfresh dropped all of their knowledge on all things related monetization and your brand.

Major Takeaways:

How many followers should you have before you start monetizing? “Monetizing” doesn’t just have to mean sponsored posts. You could have great photography skills and take photos for brands. Our speaker Jordan, received her first ‘sponsored’ post with just under 1k followers.

What different ways are you monetizing your brand? Sponsored posts, freelance work, affiliate networks, product sales.

How do you land a sponsored collaboration?  Both of our speakers were in agreement on the fact that you should not be afraid to pitch to brands. In fact they both do this on a weekly basis to about 5-10 brands.

What are some mistakes or failures that you have learned from when it comes to monetizing? Sending your rates in a first pitch email is a big no no. You want to keep your negotiation power and if you show your cards right away you automatically lose that.

Thank you so much again to La Cubana, NYC for hosting us as well as our goodie bag sponsors: Smashmallow, Hello, Smart Sweets and Simply Gum! Follow along on Instagram (@thenycbloggers) for details about November’s meetup and other fun events! The New York City Bloggers meet once a month – Sign up HERE to be a member (it’s free!)

Jordan Elbaum About Author

Jordan is a recipe developer,food stylist & photographer. When she's not in the kitchen she loves exploring the big apple, taking fitness classes and eating all pizza in NYC.

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