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November NYC Bloggers Meetup Recap

The November NYC Bloggers Meetup was held at Craft Jam, 103 Sullivan St, NYC on Saturday November 23rd. We began the event with a crafting class making leather keychains. This was definitely a great way to get our creative energy flowing. The tables were laid out with crafting materials, gift bags, and refreshments.

Speaking of refreshments, we were served  with  delicious Apple Pie Stuffed Cupcakes and Miso Caramel Cupcakes from Hadley Go Lucky

After crafting our keychains, our guest speaker, Lina Forrestal @LinaForrestal shared photography basic info and tips on taking high quality photos. This meet up was definitely hands-on, everyone came prepared to practice with their camera and ready to learn from Lina Forrestal. 

Sharing Some of the Takeaways below: 

  • Shoot in Manual mode allow you to have full control of your shutter speed and amount of light exposure. 
  • Increase ISO (brighten) when in dark settings, vice versa when in bright settings. 
  • ISO  increase up to anywhere between 100-1600. 
  • Slow shutter speed allow more light into the camera, while faster shutter speed freeze motion. 
  • Aperture is expressed in “f” numbers aka the Focal ration and it also  controls the depth of field to give a sharp image. (Examples: f/1.4, f/2.8, and f/8.0).

Thank you so much again to Craft Jam for hosting us! Follow along on Instagram  @thenycbloggers for details about our meetup and other fun events!

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Jordan is a recipe developer,food stylist & photographer. When she's not in the kitchen she loves exploring the big apple, taking fitness classes and eating all pizza in NYC.

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