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DC Bloggers: April Meetup with Jenee Naylor

DC Bloggers: April Meetup with Jenee Naylor at Tanger National Harbor

On April 2nd, the DC Bloggers welcomed Jenee Naylor of @HighLowLuxxe as a guest speaker to chat about her expertise as a fashion influencer at Tanger National Harbor. With a room full of local DC bloggers, Jenee shared about what encourages her, how she decides what to share on social media, and how to build a community.

Jenee expressed that she is encouraged to share about things that she loves, but also content that provides value and is helpful to others. She shares content that she is comfortable with and doesn’t feel invasive; what she loves, what she’s learned, places she’s visited, makeup, and skincare. She is a truly helpful resource in all of these areas!

The top three biggest takeaways Jenee shared are:

1.       When looking for a niche, post what you love and you’ll find out what people identify with. Just start somewhere! Focus on what you’re good at, have the capacity for, and what you enjoy.

2.       To build a community, engage with people, go live often, and be consistent. Being a creator can be a lonely job. Connect with people who you identify with and build a group of “coworkers” you can grow with together.

3.       Do what you enjoy without making it feel like work! Provide something purposeful each day, do research, have a plan, be strategic, and, most of all, be purposeful.

The conversation was interactive and gave all of us things to consider. We are proud to have Jenee as a part of our DC Blogger community, and look forward to having her again!

Proceeds from the April DC Blogger Meetup were sent to “Suited for Change” (@SuiteforChange). Suited for Change is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. that aims to provide professional clothing and job-readiness training to women entering the workforce.

Thank you to our speaker, Jenee, for making the connection and helping us to support a wonderful cause.

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