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DC Bloggers July Meetup: How to Grow your Platform through Instagram Engagement

On Sunday, July 18, 2021, the DC Chapter of the Blogger Union was honored to host Persephone from Everyday Vogue at Loft in Tysons Corner Center. Her discussion informed our members about growing your platform through Instagram engagement techniques. Some of the key topics that were introduced are listed below:

1. Videos are the next chapter, and you need to be able to create reels, TikTok’s, stories.

2. Cross-Promotion is key! Being able to utilize content from all platforms is another way to reach more people. Repurposing Instagram Reels on Tiktok is one way to get followers from both platforms.

3. Engagement is more important than any follower or like count! Engagement rate is one of the most important things to show if you’re looking to work with a brand.

The DC Chapter would like to thank Persephone, Loft Tysons Corner, The Media Socialites, Pink Waffle Photography as well as Kathleen Marie Photography for a great event!

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