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The Chicago Bloggers Announce Their Launch Event

The Chicago chapter of The Blogger Union is officially up and running! We are so excited to announce our launch event, which will feature an incredible local blogger: Alexa Morelli. Our event will focus on growing a following and committed audience through authentic positivity. Alexa is the perfect person to share tips for success, as she has been doing just that in her blog over the past year and has amassed an incredibly loyal following. She is known as a reliable content creator who inspires others and cheers them on. She is the epitome of collaboration of over competition.

Alexa Morelli

The event sold out within 4 days and is in such demand that we have opened up 10 more slots to ensure as many bloggers as we can possible host make it to the launch and connect with Alexa.

We can’t wait to sustain a tight-knit community of bloggers and support a thriving blogging community in Chicago! Check out our event details and register to attend if you are in the Chicago region!

Chicago Bloggers Launch with Alexa Morelli

November 4, 2019 | . 6:30-8:00 PM

You Are Beautiful Headquarters

3368 North Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

Register to attend:

We are so grateful to our sponsors:

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Xi Marquez About Author

Xi Marquez is the Chicago chapter officer. A life-long education professional, she took up blogging as a way to stay creative and inspired.

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