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Health, Wellness, and Blogging in the Age of Social Media: Chicago Bloggers January Meet-Up Recap

The Chicago Bloggers met up to sweat it out and learn from health and wellness blogger Steph Morgan of @xostephmorgan who runs an amazing blog at

Steph is a yoga instructor, print model, and fitness lover from Chicago. She started teaching yoga in 2016 and after about a year of teaching, she left her corporate 9-5 marketing agency job to pursue her passion for teaching yoga, blogging & modeling full time. She currently teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga and Yoga Sculpt at several CorePower Yoga locations in the Chicagoland area. We got to hear all about her journey combining her love of fitness with her blogging career.

Steph shared some amazing tips and tricks including:

  1. Be authentic when blogging. She closed a former fashion account with a couple of thousand followers because she did not like how the community she was following made her feel. She opted for her true passion of yoga and wellness, even if it meant starting over!
  2. She recommended the Amazon Influencer program as a good starter affiliate program. She said it is so important to research and work with brands you really believe in.
  3. She recommended using Pinterest to reach a wider audience!
  4. She spoke about the importance of sharing her journey and being true to herself, especially knowing that health and wellness information online is not always genuine.

We absolutely loved learning from Steph. She wrote an amazing recap of the event, including all of the key takeaways from her presentation and you definitely do not want to miss it! Find it here.

We were also SO lucky to have amazing sponsors for the event. Our sponsors don’t just talk the talk, they really walk the walk when it comes to health, wellness, positivity, and community!


Studios FUSE:

Andrea Metcalf started Studios FUSE after seeing how amazing concepts like WeWork, Phoenix Salon Suites, and other co-working spaces were functioning. Sharing common areas and giving consumers a healthy lifestyle community space to hang out, chill out, workout and celebrate friends was her goal. Studios FUSE is an amazing collection of boutique fitness studios with expert owners who share a passion for helping people look, live and feel their best.

Rosé Spritz:

“Rosé Spritz is the first line of RTD Rosé Spritz beverages offered in 8.4 oz pink cans and in five delicious flavors: Watermelon, Pineapple, Black Cherry, Strawberry, and Orange. At 5% abv, Rosé Spritz is a twist on the iconic wine spritzer with health conscious ingredients and eye catching packaging. Each of their Spritzes is crafted with real fruit, all natural ingredients, low sugar, non-GMO, gluten free, no added sugar, and only 95 calories.” It was the perfect partner for our health and wellness focused event!

La Clé

“La Clé” means “The Key” in French, a word that embraces the philosophy that “the key” to living the life you want is determined by what you focus on and practice every day. They create ACTION-BASED accessories & apparel that enhance & impact your style + mood. We bring awareness & GIVE BACK to amazing causes & encourage everyone to make positivity & generosity a part of their daily growth strategy.”


“By introducing Spice Road inspirations into familiar dishes, we help you discover a new way of not only eating, but living. We elevate health-conscious food from something flavorless and boring that you consume to something intriguing and sophisticated that you crave. Our respect and understanding of spices and flavors equips us to transform traditional dishes into unexpected and unforgettable experiences. Thoughtful care and craft separate Kaliflower from the typical fast casual and empower you to embrace new possibilities. We are on a mission to uplift, delight, and transform the way you live. Good food is just fuel for the journey.”

We were hosted by the amazing Andrea Metcalf and got to try out 3 incredible work outs from the Studios FUSE collective. They were all so original and left us feeling powerful and ready to conquer anything. We tried out a boxing class at SPORT Fitness, a one-of-a-kind boot camp class that combines practical kickboxing techniques with functional weightlifting movements. We also tried silent yoga at Hang 5 Fitness, during which we received a set of noise-cancelling headphones that were playing ambient music in the background and could only hear the instructor when she spoke through her headset. We also experienced the Electrical Muscle Stimulation at ElectroFit Studio. A suit simulates electrical currents through your body. All of the studios were incredibly unique and Studios FUSE memberships gets you access to all of these incredible work-outs.

To top off such an amazing event, we got incredible professional photography from Elena Cuellar. She does lifestyle photography in the Chicago area and is experienced in working with bloggers exclusively. She did such an amazing job capturing all the moments and we are incredibly grateful to her!

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