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Spring Chicken Brings Southern Taste to Ft. Lauderdale

Spring Chicken Ft. Lauderdale Grand Opening

Last Thursday, June 09, John Kunkel, CEO of Spring Chicken, received guests for the grand opening of his restaurant, in Fort Lauderdale.

In a charming atmosphere, the guests were able to see first hand the beautiful place, enjoy the delicious farm-fresh flavors, brought by gorgeous waitresses dressed country-style, while a live band played pop and country music.
With the motto: Live well. Eat Well. Love every bite, the restaurant is proposed to be a place where you eat well and healthily. The chickens used there come from Springer Mountain Farms in northern Georgia. The 100 percent natural birds are raised free of steroids, hormones, or antibiotics, and their diet consists of pesticide-free, vegetarian corn and soybean with no animal by products. Everything to ensure farm-fresh flavors with a fast-casual, accessible setting.

Spring Chicken Ft. Lauderdale Grand Opening

The South Florida Bloggers were there and recorded everything that happened at the party. Check out the images above and get excited to go there to enjoy the Southern taste! Be sure to try The Yardbird burger, a yummy and award-winning crispy chicken thigh, served on a potato bun! Also, you must order the minty watermelon, as a side. It’s delicious! I utterly love both!

The Spring Chicken Fort Lauderdale is located at 2400 North Federal Highway, 33305, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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