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South Florida Bloggers Paddleboarding Adventure with Paddleupp

Paddleupp is owned by kick ass entrepreneur Ana Bedoya. She will bring the paddleboards to where ever you want to go paddleboarding in the South Florida area. Plus, she also has an activewear clothing line for the adventurers at heart.

I picked Hammocks Park as our paddleboarding location because of the amazing view of Key Biscayne. It turns out Hammocks Park was beautiful but it was windy and its shoreline is made of jagged pebbles that hurt to walk on. Ana recommends paddleboarding in Pine Tree Park in South Beach instead. Next time, I will definitely take her advice and use that location.

I know that we complain about the weather, “Boohoo it’s still hot in December.” But while the rest of the country is bundled up and cold, we went paddleboarding in beautiful sunny weather. So if you’re feeling blue about having a warm Christmas, take a look at the bright side: we can still have fun with water sports!


Paddleupp Paddleboarding

If you have never been paddleboarding before, don’t worry Ana will teach you how to do it before you get started. Ana placed all the boards on the shore and gave instructions on how to get on the board and paddle once you are on it. As a safety precaution, Ana also offers life vests for anyone who wants to wear one. She also goes out with the paddleboarders as the group guide.

South-Florida-Bloggers-Paddleupp49Once we got to paddleboard it was quite the workout fighting the wind to get out in the ocean. The upside was you could simply sit on their boards and let the wind bring you back to shore. What I liked most about paddleboarding was the feeling of being by yourself hearing the sound of the ocean. It’s quite relaxing almost like meditating.

All the bloggers had a blast and definitely recommend going out paddleboarding with Paddleupp! Email Ana to schedule you paddleboarding adventure at


Paddleupp Activewear

Paddleupp has an online shop selling a stylish line of clothes. The shirts and dresses and are made of a soft and comfy material that give you the freedom to be yourself. Jannely from The Fashion Buffet is modeling a dip hem tee dress in burgundy. It’s the perfect piece to wear to the beach or pool.

Paddleupp also carries a men’s line of all over pattern tees and caps. Andres from Andres Fitness is wearing an all over surfboard pattern tee. The tee and the paddleboard give the typical surfer look.

To shop Paddleupp visit

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