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South Florida Bloggers Happy Hour at Divino Ceviche Recap

Last Thursday, we had a South Florida Bloggers Happy Hour at Divino Ceviche in Coral Gables. I love hanging out at this Peruvian restaurant because the blue wall makes it look like you’re at a night club when you are actually in a cozy restaurant having a relaxed dinner with friends. I had the opportunity to catch up with existing blogger friends and meet new bloggers. We talked about our projects, thought of ideas for collaborations, and decided we should have a blogger karaoke night. Wouldn’t that be fun? If you know a good place where we can go sing our hearts out let me know via email or in the comments 😉

We kicked off the happy hour with the the latest drinks on Divino Ceviche’s menu: beer cocktails. Divino Ceviche has partnered up with MIA Brewing to create beer cocktails with a Peruvian twist.

Divino Ceviche x MIA Brewing Beer Cocktails


Purple Haze Cocktail

The first drink I had was the Purple Haze made with MIA Brewing Weiss beer, chicha morada (Peruvian traditional drink), and triple sec. It’s a refreshing, sweet and citrusy cocktail. If you are a chicha morada lover, this drink is for you.


Beso de Limeña Cocktail

This cocktail is made with passion fruit (maracuya), sugar syrup, beer, and rose water. I have always liked maracuya and any food that includes it. If I had to pick which one I like best between the two beer cocktails I would pick this one. I like the kick of flavor the passion fruit adds to the mix.


Pisco Sour

By the time we got our traditional Peruvian cocktail, the pisco sour, I was a little tipsy. This was my favorite drink of the night. The pisco sour at Divino Ceviche has the perfect balance of sweet and sour with a delicious frothy foam on top. Pisco sour fans, definitely go try the Divino Ceviche pisco sour.

I noticed a trend with the happy hour drinks, Peruvians like their drinks sour and I’m on board with that!


Peruvian Tapas

We finished off the night with little bites of Divino Ceviche’s best selling dishes. My favorite was the aji amarillo ceviche, but Stacy voted for the octopus with garlic chili sauce. Other dishes we tried included lomo saltado tequeños, Divino Ceviche, choritos a la chalaca (mussels marinated in lime juice, onion, choclo, tomato, chili, and cilantro), and a jalea mixta (crispy fish, squid, octopus, shrimps, and scallops). There wasn’t anything I didn’t like. I gobbled everything up because Divino Ceviche has fantastic food. Everything I’ve had at this restaurant has always been delicious.

Head on over to Divino Ceviche. Now you have two reasons to visit this restaurant, the food and the drinks!

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