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SFL Bloggers September Meetup Recap: Working With Travel Brands

We’re back! We celebrated our return to in-person meetups this past Saturday and it was a success! The event was hosted by food hall Doral Yard in their gorgeous new outdoor area. If you’re ever looking for an event space in Doral, take a look at Doral Yard. Their new outdoor space is covered by an enormous awning so you can enjoy the weather while under the shade from the sun. Our lunch and cocktails were provided by the restaurants you’ll find at Doral Yard: Della Bowls, Yip Miami, Un Pollo, and Santo Dulce Churros. Everything was so delicious!

I kicked off the meetup with a warm welcome to all of our members. Then, Barbara from Jovē Water, introduced herself to the attendees and shared a little about the Jovē brand. Jovē is a smooth, easy drinking alkaline water that goes deep to hydrate your skin & cells. Their team is excited about potential new partnerships with our members. Make sure to reach out with your ideas. Jovē is a brand that is excited about supporting the local community.

Then, we had a lovely discussion about how to work with travel brands with two special guests: Mitchell Nover – Director of Public Relations and Communication at Four Seasons Resort Nevis; and Luz Castillo – Senior Account Executive at FINN Partners. Mitch & Luz, thank you so much for sharing your insights with the community! A few of my favorite highlights of the conversation include:

  • Make sure to under-promise and over-deliver for a successful collaboration.
  • Don’t be afraid to email a brand with an idea for a partnership.
  • Hotels and brands are looking for quality-content over follower count.

Do you have a favorite takeaway from the discussion panel? Share it in the comments!

After our discussion panel, Jovē hosted a meditation led by @visiondharma. We took a moment to show ourselves gratitude for showing up at the event to take our content creation business to the next level. Maria also helped us set our intentions for the day, week and year. I felt excited and energized after the meditation.

I was also hungry and it was perfect timing because it was time for lunch and networking. I enjoyed a rotisserie chicken from Un Pollo and a refreshing bloggertini from Doral Yard. It was the perfect time to chat with fellow attendees and meet the different brand teams in attendance.

I am so happy we’re back. We’ve missed you over the past year and a half. I also want to shout out a big thank you to our chapter officers: Stephanie (@iamherafter) & Wendy (@yourhelpfulwendy); and our amazing volunteers: Isabel (@_isabelvfern) & Jo (@soveryjo). What a kick-ass team, always welcoming and looking out for our members. Please give them some love back on their socials.


Our sponsor, Jovē Water, led a meditation to help us set our intentions during our meetup with Maria Botero (@visiondharma).

		How To Work With Travel Brands as a Content Creator image

Thank you to our sponsor, Doral Yard, for hosting the meetup and providing bites and drinks.

		How To Work With Travel Brands as a Content Creator image

		How To Work With Travel Brands as a Content Creator image

		How To Work With Travel Brands as a Content Creator image

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