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South Florida Bloggers April Meetup Recap

Last month the South Florida Bloggers had their April meetup at the Miami international university of art & design in Miami. They covered the topic of negotiating with brands and learned how to negotiate like a pro with the help of negotiation vets such as Daniela Ramirez from the blog Nany’s Closet and South Florida Blogger’s founder Paola Mendez.

Knowing how to negotiate while working with brands is key when you want to establish yourself and your blog as a serious business and get compensated accordingly for the hard work you put into every project. One of the most memorable things Paola said was “don’t settle for hate rate” = the rate that you’ll hate yourself for settling for!

Some of the questions that were asked:

-Why should bloggers of all levels and genres negotiate?

-What is your approach to negotiating?

-Do you always negotiate or do you take an offer as is? If so, why?

-Walk us through the initial negotiation email?

-Is there a risk to negotiating?

-How to price yourself?

-If you are starting out and you’ve never charged before how do you know how much to charge?

-What do you think is fair pricing structure for a micro-influencer?

-What do you do when the brand is not budging but you still want to work with them?

-What are a few things you should definitely avoid while negotiating?

-How do you turn around an in-kind request (like a gifted product, meal, hotel stay) into paid collaborations?

Special thanks to Miami international university of Art & Design for hosting us and providing light bites and refreshments!

Scroll down for more photos from the meetup

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