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South Florida Bloggers May Meetup Recap

Last month the South Florida Bloggers gathered for their May meetup at Bousa Brewing in Miami and they had a great turnout despite the not-so-great weather outside. The topic was working with hotel and travel brands and to help with that they hosted a panel of travel PR experts: Amy Sedeno, Lena Sotnick and Kara Rosner.

The panel gave ideas on how to pitch a collaboration to a hotel or any kind of travel related business and explained what brands are looking for in a blogger/influencer in order to decide whether to work with them or not and also in terms of content creation and other responsibilities expected from the blogger/influencer in this type of collaborations.

Some of the questions that were asked:

– How often do you use influencer marketing and for what types of campaigns?

– How much in advance do you start working on a blogger collaboration?

– Do you reach out to bloggers for campaigns, wait for bloggers to pitch ideas, or a mix of both?

– When assessing influencers or bloggers, what kind of information or metrics do brands look for?

– Audience demographics, follower count, feed aesthetics, engagement rate, content, previous brand collaborations, etc.

– What is an excellent example of a blogger pitch that turn out to be a collaboration?

– Let’s talk compensation, how do you decide if a collaboration will have monetary compensation vs exchange for services compensation?

– What percentage of collaborations are monetary vs exchange for services/experience

– Do the brands you represent hire bloggers for content creation (licensed photography, video or writing)?

– How do you measure success when working with bloggers/influencers?

– What kind of return do you expect?

– Influencer marketing has been rising as a trend for some time now, do you expect to continue these types of collaborations?

– When it comes to the actual content, we’ve heard of brands trying to manage the editorial content with strict guidelines and others where they give the influencer free reign as long as it’s about the product. Which has worked for you?

Special thanks to Bousa Brewing for hosting us!

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