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Recap: Setting Rates & Getting Paid as a Blogger

Danielle Faust of speaks to Ft Lauderdale Bloggers

After the last meetup, we can say that talking about money is more fun with margaritas and nachos in hand. Thanks El Camino Restaurant.

It also helps to have a speaker like Danielle Faust of She gave us great tips for setting rates and monetizing blogs, based on her experience as a family, wellness and travel blogger.

Want to know how to negotiate with a brand? Ask Dani. She walked us through how to pitch, what to say in our emails and how to upsell. She also went over affiliate marketing and ad networks.

Here are some tips and resources she offered:

To connect with brands:

  • Find the right contact with a Google search for:
    • Brand name + “media contact”
    • Brand name + “pr firm”
    • Or… Brand name + “press release”
  • Email and pitch an idea. Don’t forget to attach a media kit with your numbers.
  • They’ll always try to get you at the lowest rate. Negotiate and try to upsell. (“I can do a blog post and social media post for $500. For $750, I can also include a video or an IG Story.”)
  • Always close with a question that assumes a sale. (“When do you want to get started?”)
  • Once you work with a brand, send them stats and pitch them a new idea for the next project.
  • Be prepared to negotiate at different levels. For example, don’t be an a$$ with mom and pop shops.
  • Be flexible. Payment isn’t always money. You may be able to accept gift cards at your rate.

Bloggers: You have value and brands want what you have to offer!

Websites that help monetize your blog with ads:

For beginner blogs with low monthly views –
Blogs with 30k monthly page views – Ad thrive
Blogs with 100k monthly views – Mediavine

Affiliate marketing sites:

Amazon Affiliates (There’s also Amazon Influencers)
Commission Junction or
Linkshare (now called Rakuten)

Thanks to Dani for her help and insight! You can follow her on Instagram,  FacebookTwitter or YouTube.

Dani Faust speaks to Ft Lauderdale Bloggers about setting rates. Ft Lauderdale Bloggers meetup on how to set rates for blog posts. Bloggers learn how to set rates and monetize with Danielle Faust of OKDani.

Thank you also to our sponsor, El Camino Ft Lauderdale, for the fabulous food and drinks!

El Camino Ft Lauderale hosts the Ft Lauderdale BloggersEl Camino Ft Lauderdale hosts Ft Lauderdale Bloggers meetup.

Photo shared by blogger Rachel of @culturedlocal. at El Camino Restaurant

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