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Recap SFL Moms: Playdate and Networking Event- April Meetup

South Florida Mom Bloggers April 2019 Meetup

This past Sunday, South Florida Mom Bloggers got together for some sun, fun, and learning.

Camp Lingua hosted the event in their South West Ranches location. Their experienced counselors whisked our kids away and showed them a standard day at camp. They made slime, rode horses, fished, and engaged in outdoor team-building activities just like they would if they were in Camp Lingua’s summer camp.

South Florida Mom Bloggers at Camp Lingua

We, the moms, stayed in the pavilion networking and nourishing our bodies and minds. We munched on some treats from Fabiola Granola and Nani’s Healthy Food, and sipped on our Kepen Tea, while we learned public speaking techniques from the exceptionally knowledgable Claudia Caporal.

Nanis Healthy Food, Happyrunhappymom, mamitasinculpa, Fabiola Granola and South Florida Mom Bloggers at Camp Lingua

Claudia Caporal is a mom of two who is a lifestyle expert, TV host, author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. She’s considered one of the most influential voices in the Hispanic market. She empowers women with the tools and practical solutions they need to improve their lives and project their best image. Claudia is the author of two books: “Lady Fabulosa” (Harper Collins, 2008) and “La Jefa de la Casa” (Penguin Random House, 2013). We so appreciated her taking time from her weekend to come to our meetup.

Mamitasinculpa, Claudia Caporal, happyrunhappymom and South Florida Mom Bloggers at Camp Lingua

We learned that for many people around the world, the fear of public speaking ranks above the fear of death!

Claudia also taught us:

  • Breathing and visualization techniques to reduce anxiety before speaking in public
  • How overcoming the anxiety of public speaking can allow us to effectively communicate our message
  • The importance of organizing our thoughts and practicing the delivery of a speech without memorizing a script
  • How to focus on your message and leave your ego at the door, so the delivery of your speech is more conversational and from the heart

Claudia then encouraged us to prepare short introductions to share in the group as a public speaking exercise.

Lastly, she had us pair off and guided us in a networking exercise where we explained who we are, what we do, who we work for, and how we can work with others.

Fabiola Granola Sponsors South Florida Mom Bloggers

We had a few minutes of unstructured networking, and then, our kids joined us with stories of the adventures they’d just had at Camp Lingua. We could tell that our kids truly enjoyed their day in nature, away from electronics and building friendships, because they didn’t want to stop playing with each other on the hammock or the playground.

Kepen Tea Sponsors South Florida Mom Bloggers

We ate more treats from Fabiola Granola and Nani’s Healthy Food, drank more Kepen tea, then headed home with satisfied appetites, tired bodies, and enriched minds.

Nanis Healthy Food Sponsors South Florida Mom Bloggers

Thank you, Claudia, for teaching us valuable skills to overcome our fear of public speaking. Big thanks to Camp Lingua for opening up your beautiful camp to us and offering our children the camp experience. Thank you, Nani’s Healthy Food, for the delicious treats – their treats are so delicious you almost forget they’re healthy too! Thanks to Fabiola Granola for the delicious granola; seriously, you could put it on almost anything, it’s that good! Kepen Tea, thank you for always keeping us deliciously hydrated! And a great big thank you to our host and sponsors for learning alongside us!

We couldn’t have had more of a relaxing, fun, and educational experience.

South Florida Mom Bloggers April 2019 Meetup

Thank you so much to the moms who attended the event. There’s no better feeling than rubbing elbows with like-minded moms, while we learn and grow together.

We can’t wait for next month’s event! We hope to see you there!

Big Thanks to Our Sponsors

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