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DC Bloggers October Meetup: Blogger Authenticity

On Thursday, October 21 the DC Bloggers gathered at Nordstrom at Pentagon City Center to hear Shell of @acourageousbeauty speak about blogger authenticity. Shell kept it real and raw, full of emotions, and most importantly authentic. Here are the key takeaways:

1. It is exhausting and lonely trying to people-please, but easy to be your authentic self.

2. Don’t look to others to define who you are or what you want to be. We all have different talents, interests, thoughts, and ideas. Let that shine through to your audience. The right people will find you and thank you for it!

3. Being authentic is NOT about over sharing, it’s about discernment. You do not have to be an open book, as long as what you do share is true to yourself.

4. It’s okay to try things out to find your niche. We all go through a period at the beginning of our blogging journey of experimentation. Once you discover what you are passionate about, stick with it.

A special thanks to Nordstrom at Pentagon City Center for hosting us, our photographer Wild Soul Media, videographer Out Of Time Productions, and of course Shell for sharing her story and amazing advice with us!

Madison Schuchart About Author

Madison is the creative behind the DC-based style and travel blog, The Que Sera Lifestyle. Founded in June 2018 as an outlet for her passion for writing, photography, and spilling the tea, TQSL inspires women to travel the world in style without spending a fortune. Madison loves exploring DC and beyond and loves to share her adventures along the way! She can usually be found enjoying a glass of wine and some tapas with a fellow style loving, travel obsessed chica!

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