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Workshop: Branding & Blog Design Feedback

Brand and Blog Design Audit Feedback Workshop

It’s time to up your branding game! Does your blog stand out within the 400+ millions of blogs in the world? Are people talking about your blog? Do people recognize your logo? During this workshop, attendees will receive a branding and blog design audit. Having a solid brand and reputation will lead to partners and brands reaching out to you instead of the other way around. You will receive feedback from Mei Jorge, graphic designer and founder of Blame it on Mei & Paola Mendez, the founder of The Blogger Union and Coral Gables Love.

Covered Topics include:

  • What is branding?
  • How to define your brand.
  • Is your branding working?
  • Market research: what do real people think about your brand and site.
  • And more!

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Miami and over 13 years of experience in the graphic design field, Mei’s eye for clean yet noticeable aesthetics has helped her to differentiate her brand from others. Receive her genuine feedback and ideas on how to improve your overall brand and blog design.

Paola’s 10-year knowledge in computer programing and a Master Degree in Information System has benefited her in building and customizing blogs like Coral Gables Love, the Blogger Union and South Florida Bloggers, to fit the needs of her members and readers. Her playful and eye-catching take on design have made all of these brands stand out with worldwide recognition. She will suggest options for branding strategy, reputation, and standing out in your niche.


About Instructor: Mei Jorge (Blame it on Mei)

Mei Jorge is the driving force behind the bilingual style and travel blog, Blame it on Mei. Her passion with fashion dates back to her childhood’s tropical surroundings in the island of Cuba. Through her feminine, classic and chic style she inspires women to dress and feel better about themselves no matter the price tag, age, lifestyle or personal circumstances. Mei loves traveling, as much as the latest trends; she has visited over 20 countries and is always in search of her next adventure —whilst never sacrificing style, of course!

Mei has had the incredible opportunity to work with brands such Macy’s, Dove, Neutrogena, Sephora, The Hilton, Kohl’s, Coach and Aveeno on several fashion, lifestyle and beauty collaborations.

About Instructor: Paola Mendez (The Blogger Union)

Paola Mendez is a serial entrepreneur, the founder of South Florida Bloggers, and the kind spirit behind The Blogger Union. Paola’s talent for creating communities began in 2007 when she founded Pinkghost, a designer toy store, gallery, and haven for local and international artists. Pinkghost artist products, a collaboration between Paola and her favorite artists, were sold at stores around the world. Today, Paola continues to run an eclectic portfolio of online businesses, including Coral Gables Love —the most influential online hub in Coral Gables— Dapper Animals, and Cool Gifting.

Mei Jorge About Author

Mei is the Chapter Officer of South Florida Bloggers. She also runs the bilingual style, beauty and travel blog Blame it on Mei.

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