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Tonight Miami Blogger Dress Up Party Recap

We all want to look fabulous at fancy events, but why spend a ton of cash on a dress you’ll most likely wear only once? Last Saturday the South Florida Bloggers got first dibs on beautiful gowns and tuxedos at the latest formal wear rental shop, Tonight Miami. This place is full of your dream gowns and they are all available at an affordable price for you to wear to your next ball, wedding, gala, or prom. If you want to look fabulous without breaking the bank then you need to visit Tonight Miami. Tonight Miami is located at 9558 NW 41 st, Doral, Florida 33170.

Ten stylish bloggers had a dress up party at Tonight Miami this past Saturday including Jannely from The Fashion Buffet, Andrea from Belair Beautiful, Stephanie from Mota Parla, Alyssa from My Petit Life, Paola from Coral Gables Love, Jack from Kilo Thought, Lorena from Lorena Vittoria, and Yined from Backpack or Valija. We had a blast trying on different posh gowns and tuxedos while taking photos. It was a hectic and fun event, but most importantly we were all happy to discover this new fashionable gem in town.

vivian2The shop is owned by Viviana Alvarez a feisty entrepreneur that believes in “spending less, looking fabulous and repeating.” She wants everyone in South Florida took look and feel fabulous when they go out and have an exciting adventure. So she offers rentals for everything you need for an elegant night out including gowns, heels, clutches, tuxedos, ties, bow ties, and more. She has a great sense of style and can help you with your entire ensemble for the occasion.

Miami-Tonight11I usually dread looking for a dress when I receive a wedding invitation. I check out all the usual suspects: Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and never find a dress I truly am excited about. I end up settling for some “alright” looking long dress and call it a day. After spending Saturday at Tonight Miami I am happy to report we no longer have that problem! The two-story shop has the latest dresses and tuxedos with an impressive selection to choose from. On my first day I had 5 dresses that not only looked beautiful on the rack but also fit well and flattered my body. And you know what? I wasn’t the only one. Out of 10 different bloggers of all different body types we were all ecstatic! We had tons of dresses that fit awesome. So much so that a couple of girls are already renting a dress from Tonight Miami for upcoming weddings.

Miami-Tonight2When it comes to the men’s selection you will be thrilled. You can actually dress up nicely. Tuxedo rentals tend to have terribly ill fitting selections but Tonight Miami has a ton of stylish suits and tuxedos to choose from. Plus, there is a seamstress on location to make sure whatever you pick fits like a glove – for both men and women.

Aside from all of that, it is a cute location with whimsical couches and golden accents on the wall. The place is tastefully decorated and makes you want to hang out and chat with Viviana. If you have a formal event coming up, you would be a fool to not stop by Tonight Miami. You’ll be the best dressed at the event, spend less, and it’s hassle free.

*Founder: Paola Mendez About Author

Paola is the Founder of The Blogger Union & works everyday to support all the members. She also runs the sites Coral Gables Love + Dapper Animals.


  • Nicole Underwood Gonzalez
    November 19, 2015 at 6:13 pm

    OK, so you all look AMAZING!!! How fun! What a cool party idea…and totally awesome business idea!

  • Alejandro Cuadra
    Alejandro Cuadra
    December 2, 2015 at 10:47 am

    Had a great time at this event and look forward to the grand opening on Dec 10. Thank you again for the invite and all the other invites to your amazing events.


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