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2 Chapter Officer Positions Open For South Florida Bloggers. Apply Now!

2 Chapter Officer Positions Open for the South Florida Bloggers Chapter

I am happy to report that 2 of our Officers are moving on to big projects and new cities, leaving 2 spots open for new Chapter Officers! While there certainly is an opportunity to earn some income as a chapter officer, it is more a labor of love and it will bring you other types of intangible benefits such as:

  • Exposure: I can tell you with 100% certainty that Coral Gables Love grew to 10K followers because I lead the chapter.
  • Education: You will learn how to not only run a blogging business but also a community.
  • Experience: You will have responsibilities that will lead you to acquire new useful skills. (ex: Reaching out to sponsors)
  • Contacts in the industry/community: You will be working with our sponsors.

As chapter officer, the more you put in, the more you will get out of being a pillar of the South Florida Bloggers community.

So what are we looking for in a chapter officer?

– Bloggers who are professional.
– Bloggers who are dependable and follow through on everything they commit to.
– Bloggers who are creative and passionate about blogging.
– But most importantly, bloggers who are passionate about building a blogger community around kind collaboration. KINDNESS and inclusion over competition is what we are all about.

What type of responsibilities are expected from a chapter officer?

The following list of responsibilities will be shared between 5 officers:
– Chapter officers attend all South Florida Bloggers monthly meetups. This is important so that you can meet the members of the chapter and be visible.
– Help run the social media channels.
– Work with sponsors.
– Host blogger opportunities.
– Write content for South Florida Bloggers blog including event recaps.
– Help with day to day operations of the chapters.
– Help with the putting together of chapter events including opportunities and meetups.
– Come up with ideas to improve the chapter & bringing those ideas to life.

As the first and largest chapter we support the other chapters throughout the country. So a few of the responsibilities will include lending a hand to other chapters as needed.

How To Apply To Be a South Florida Bloggers Chapter Officer

  1. Send an email to Saying you are interested in being a chapter officer and why.
  2. Once you are approved as a potential chapter officer you will have a 1 month trial period as a volunteer. This is for you to see if you like being an active member of the chapter and if the responsibilities are manageable in the long term.

*Officers who don’t complete their responsibilities or miss monthly meetups will open up their spots for current volunteers to have a shot at being officers.*

I look forward to hearing from you,

*Founder: Paola Mendez About Author

Paola is the Founder of The Blogger Union & works everyday to support all the members. She also runs the sites Coral Gables Love + Dapper Animals.

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