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South Florida Bloggers Meetup Recap: Take Better pictures with your iPhone and Pose like a Pro

Miami Influencers September Meetup Group Photo

For the month of September we met up to talk all things photography and more specifically on how to be a pro at posing while making better use of your iPhone camera.

Miami Influencers September Meetup - Panel of Speakers
photo credit @yourhelfulfoodie

We gathered at Pura Vida in Coral Gables with photographers Luccia Lowenthal and Gabriel Sanchez as well as fashion and lifestyle Blogger Stephanie Cosmopolitan! You can read a bit more about them here

Miami Influencers September Meetup
photo credit @yourhelfulfoodie

Here’s a quick recap of the best tips we received from our amazing panelists:

-Stephanie let us know about the importance of practice posing, the more you practice the more you will be comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll also know your angles and perfect them.

– Luccia illustrated the benefits of scouting locations for photoshoots, to save time and avoid cramming for a location last minute.

-Gabriel and Luccia both stressed to avoid leaving your arms at your sides when taking pictures. They explained to find something to do with your hands by using props for your shoots.

– Avoid the “stiff hands” look by pretending like you are holding an egg, said Luccia.

– When it came to getting better images with the iPhone, Gabriel let us know to focus on image composition and lighting. We learned that Natural lighting is always best. Luccia also chimed in adding to familiarize ourselves with color and how light reflects on certain objects. This helps in knowing what to look for and what to avoid when taking pictures.

We learned so much more and the panelist were very willing to answer our questions. They provided actionable tips and explained various notions to us in a very fun way. Overall the meetup was an info pack morning with some great individuals! 

photo credit @blameitonmei

After the panel, we proceeded to take some pictures (of course!), and then mingle while enjoying some great food!

Miami Influencers September Meetup - Pura Vida Acai Bowl
photo credit @coralgableslove

 On that note, we would like to extend a huge thank you to our sponsor and host, Pura Vida! Thank you for welcoming us into your space and providing us with thee most delicious avocado toast and Açaí bowl. If you haven’t done so yet, do pay them a visit, you will not be disappointed. 

If you are a blogger in search for a great community of like-minded individuals, we invite you to join us on the next blogger meetup.

Until next time!

*** All photos were taken with our phones! ***

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