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Orlando Bloggers September Meetup Recap

Orlando Bloggers September Meetup was held at The Nationwide Mortgage Bankers/Americasa in Orlando, Fl. and Krispy Kreme treated us to their doughnuts. The Nationwide office was located upstairs and was decorated with a beautiful balloon display thanks to Juliana NO.

Our speaker was Carolina Anthony. Her topic was on SEO. She is a Sr. Director of Marketing & Marketing Consultant with a proven track record of over 16 years, developing & executing all aspects of marketing. Kara spoke on the TOP 3 searches for your location. She also suggested you open start a Google Business Manager Page, (which is free). She says this page will allow others to review your business. You can learn who is coming to your business page and the key words they used to find you.

Carolina suggest that you curate all review spaces such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor to name a few. When uploading photos, add captions and respond to every review you get, being active tells Google you are a reliable source. Carolina discussed Content Marketing and how keeping your content calendar, web content and social media up to date is important to keeping you organized.

Thank-you everyone for coming out and meeting with us.  Thanks to Nationwide Mortgage Bankers/Americasa for your hospitality and allowing us to utilize your space. Thanks to Liz Carruyo and Krispy Kreme for the desserts. Special thanks to Andrea Lucia De La Cruz from incommonphotography for the photos.

From the 2019 Chapter Officers, we thank you for being a part of The Orlando Bloggers and joining us each month for these events. If you are interested in working with the Orlando Bloggers Union or are wondering how to get involved, you may send an email to

Save the date for October 26th- 2 year Anniversary – See you there!

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