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Orlando Bloggers August Meetup Recap

Orlando Bloggers August Meetup was hosted at Garp & Fuss located in Winter Park, FL. The restaurant was quaint so cute, it had a nice Tuscany feel. Despite the rain, it was a perfect setting for our meet-up.  Our speaker was Civilla Morgan.  She is a podcaster, her topic was, “The Difference Between Podcasting and Blogging”.

Civilla Morgan shares her gurus about Podcasting with us.

Civilla told us that podcasting and blogging were pretty similar, the only difference between the two is equipment. Podcasting is a great way to get the word out because you are using your voice. Podcasting will allow you to reach the world. A podcast can be on any subject, just make sure and do your research and always be prepared. There should always be a balance as to which words to use. Civilla told us to make sure and know your “Why” when doing a podcast. When you know your “Why” you have a better chance of getting out good.

Oh, what equipment is needed for a podcast, well Civilla covered that as well. First you will need a microphone, that is key. You will need a pen and pad or you can use your phone so you can take notes. Using a pop-filter on your microphone helps to minimize the background noise. Civilla says that you want your sound to be as good as possible. Civilla gave some suggestions for recording: Audasity, Zoom, or her personal favorite – Zenpastr. If you want to have better bandwith use audio. Civilla also gave some suggestions for using hosting platforms: Libsyn, or Blue Berry.

Thank-you Civilla for sharing your knowledge with us.

Many thanks to Garp & Fuss for your hospitality and treating us like we were in Italy.

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Save the date for September 15th – see you then!

Photos courtesy of Kelly Lamano of Twentysomething Vision

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