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Orlando Bloggers May Meetup Recap

May 2019 Orlando Blogger Meetup was with Brittany Clark, who is on IG @BritforShort. Brittany Clark has been blogging since 2012. She mixes her short and curvy fashion & travel posts with hilarious captions to express her audacious personality. Recently separated with two little boys, she uses her quick wit and humor to spread encouragement and confidence. Brittany is a wealth of wit and full confidence.

Brittany taught us that how to Captivate Instagram Captions and use different aspects of life and social media when posting captions to Instagram. She says all captions do not have to completely coordinate with the photo.

Thank-you everyone for coming out and meeting with us.  Thanks to Macy’s at Matt at Millenia for your hospitality and allowing us to utilize your Story concept, which focused on Color this month

Special thanks to Jazmin Rojas for the photos.

From the 2019 Chapter Officers, we thank you for being a part of The Orlando Bloggers and joining us each month for these events.

If you are interested in working with the Orlando Bloggers Union or are wondering how to get involved, you may send an email to

Save the date for June 22nd-see you then!

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