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Orlando Bloggers June Meetup Recap

June 2019 Orlando Blogger Meetup was with Kara Franco, who is on IG @bykarafranco. Kara is a copywriter and digital marketer.  Kara spoke on the do’s and don’ts of Email Marketing. One key point she noted – Remember your audience are people, you should remember to make it personal, address them by name. The way you nurture a plant you should nurture your email list. Build a relationship by asking questions and getting to know the people behind the emails. But don’t make it creepy, no one needs that.

Set a schedule on when you want to interact. Do not email every day, give them a chance to miss you, but also don’t wait too long to email them either.

Do not forget about your Key Touch Point:

  1. Have a confirmation message
  2. Send a welcome email
  3. Make your unsubscribe process super easy to do.

Kara has a wealth of knowledge and is available to help take your website and business to the next level.

Remember to keep showing up for your audience. Never burn a bridge between you and your audience. Buying an email list is a major No-No!! Hiding your unsubscribe button is bad. Things in life happen and right now may not be a good time to follow you, just respect that. And last point, when you are starting a business and compiling an email list, always remember to list your physical address or PO Box address on your page – It is the Can Spam Act Law.

Thank-you everyone for coming out and meeting with us.  Thanks to Costco Business Center for your hospitality and allowing us to utilize your space.

Special thanks to Briana Smith from Smith Foto LLC for the photos.

From the 2019 Chapter Officers, we thank you for being a part of The Orlando Bloggers and joining us each month for these events.

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Save the date for July 20th-see you then!

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