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October South Florida Bloggers Meetup


October South Florida Bloggers Meetup

Video is just like a blog post. You need a great title, a body that holds your interest and a strong call to action. Learn how you can make better video by thinking about the content and not just the visuals.


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About Pascal Depuhl (

Pascal Depuhl is chief mind changer at Photography by Depuhl, a Miami-based visual content creation company. He’s been capturing still images for over 25 years and even though he got into video only 5 years ago, you’ll find his award-winning and mind changing videos on National Geographic, Netflix, the BBC and many of his clients websites. It’s common to find him in the mountains of Afghanistan or the jungles of South America and it’s just as common to walk away from one of his short documentary style films with your mind blown.



Thank you to Pipeline Coral Gables for hosting.



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Mei is the Chapter Officer of South Florida Bloggers. She also runs the bilingual style, beauty and travel blog Blame it on Mei.

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