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South Florida Bloggers March Meetup Recap

Last month, The South Florida Bloggers had their March meetup at Robb & Stucky in Coral Gables, where they learned how to develop a social media strategy. Thanks to our panel of wonderful speakers that include Emilie Sobel from Social Thinkking, Juan Carlos Rosas architectural and design representative from Benjamin Moore & Co. and interior designer Ana Cayeiro from Robb & Stucky, we got all kinds of helpful tips.

Having a social media strategy is now more important than ever. With the changing algorithms, it is getting harder to reach and grow your audience. Luckily, our brilliant panelists taught us how to develop a strategy that is algorithm-proof.

Some of the questions asked were:

-What is social media strategy and why do we need one?
-How do we figure out what is valuable for our audience?
-Give us two social media strategies to continue to reach your audience regardless of what happens to algorithm. In other words, how can we make social media strategy algorithm-proof?
-What pitfalls should we avoid in our social media strategy?
-Why is it important to have a brand, and why should you stay consistent to it?
-How to keep up with trends, for example the color of the year?
-What do you recommend for having a uniform aesthetic in your social media feed?
-How do you deliver value to your audience via your social media?


Special thanks to Robb & Stucky for hosting, providing bites, and refreshments!

Keep scrolling for more photos:

Paola Mendez, founder of The Blogger Union & South Florida Bloggers

Emilie Sobel from Social Thinkking

Juan Carlos Rosas from Benjamin Moore & Co

Ana Cayeiro from Robb & Stucky

Thanks to all the lovely bloggers who attended! Can’t wait to see you all at the next one! <3


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All photos were taken by Chapter Officer, Nabila Verushka (Nabila Verushka Photography)






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