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Minneapolis Bloggers Recap: Media Kits & Brand Collabs

Our April Meetup was held at the Hotel Ivy in Downtown Minneapolis. Strategist, Molly Hale and fashion blogger Claudia Camargo (@miles.and.smiles) taught us all about the importance of Media Kits and how to craft the perfect Media Kit.

A Media Kit is basically the resume of blogger and the best tool when it comes to monetizing your blog. Here are some important things to include in your media Kit.

  1. Intro/Summary: This is the part where you write your elevator pitch. In a couple of sentence describe who are you and what is your blog about.
  2. Purpose: In a couple of sentences describe your niche
  3. Brand Work: this is where you can show off a little and showcase the brands that you have worked with. Remember, it is important to include only brand that you have truly enjoyed working.
  4. Statistics: Show your numbers! It is a great selling point for any blogger. Show not only the number of followers but also stats related to your reach, impressions and demographics. Also include any google analytics information from your blog and any other social media platforms that you may use.
  5. Audience: This is important when it comes to working with brands. Let them know what your followers look like (gender, location, age, etc).
  6. Contact Information: Make it easier for the brands, include your e-mail address, blog URL, IG handle and any other information that would make it easier for them to contact you.

When it comes to designing media kits, there are various templates available for sale that would make the job easier for you. Remember to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Font size should be consistent, limit to 2-3 different Font types but try to keep a consistent format.

Investing in your Media Kit is important for pitching and working with Brands, it is what will set you apart from the rest!

A special thanks to Hotel Ivy Minneapolis for providing food, drinks and the space to help make it for another successful meetup!

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