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How To Start Your Newsletter or Mailing List

How to start your mailing list or newsletter

As a blogger, content creator, influencer, or entrepreneur there are two things you need to own. One is your website. The second is your mailing list. This guide will show you how to start your mailing list or newsletter.

Owning these two important assets allows you to always reach your audience. No matter what happens in the social media landscape, having a mailing list gives you direct access to your loyal readers. Using this direct line to your subscribers is one of the keys to monetizing your brand. So let’s get started and start building your mailing list!

Sign Up For Flodesk

The first step to building a mailing list is signing up for an email marketing service provider. I recommend Flodesk because:

  • Flodesk offers a great service for an incredibly low price.
  • You can try Flodesk for FREE (without adding a credit card) and if you use my affiliate link below you’ll get 50% off.
  • Flodesk has beautiful email templates that make it easy for anyone to start their mailing list.

Click here to start a Flodesk account

Setting up Your Flodesk Account

Creating Your Welcome Email

  • Setup your welcome email.
  • Next, create your audience segments.
  • Finally, connect your email form to your wordpress website.

What To Email Your Newsletter Subscribers

It takes work to grow your mailing list. That’s why you only send emails to your subscribers with intention. Know why you’re sending your email, what action you want your subscriber to take, and most importantly what problem you’re solving for your audience. Then, send your email. If you don’t have those three key pieces figured out work on that first. Do not send an email just to send an email.

Deliver Value With Your Mailing List

We are all overwhelmed with the amount of emails in our inbox. As a result, I don’t hesitate to unsubscribe from newsletters that are just taking up space in my inbox and not helping me in some way.

Remember deliver value in every single email.

Promote Your Newsletter

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