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February Meetup Recap: Master the Arts of IG Stories

Last Weekend we learned all about Instagram Stories. We had three great panelists, Emerson from @Classycleanchic, from @Styleoptimist and Keegan from @KeeganMichellel

From this session we learned that consistency in IG Stories is important to increase followers’ engagement. We also learned that it’s important to be true to yourself and showing more of the “real life” can help your followers feel identify with you.  Adding a location and hashtags could also be beneficial because your stories will be visible to the people who follow those hashtags. Jewel, Emerson and Keegan agreed that using polls it’s a good way to communicate and get feedback from your followers and they concluded that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to Insta Stories.


Thank you so much to AC Hotels in West End for providing with the space and the delicious breakfast. Even though it was a very snowy day, we definitely had a great turnout and enjoyed seeing and meeting new faces. Be in the lookout for our upcoming March Meet up. 

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