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Create Your Media Kit Workshop

Create Your Media Kit Workshop

A media kit is your blog’s resume – the document you send potential sponsors so they can decide whether they want to collaborate. You want to make sure your blog truly shines and shows your worth in your media kit.

During the Media Kit workshop, we’ll go through all the information that should be included in a standard media kit and what additional information will set you apart from the existing sea of media kits!

With the South Florida Bloggers Awards coming up on December 10th, you need to make sure you have a media kit! You’ll be giving it to sponsors during the PR Meet & Greet speed networking. (Bring at least 4 printed media kits)

Join us Monday, November 27th to create a kick-ass media kit for your blog.

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*Founder: Paola Mendez About Author

Paola is the Founder of The Blogger Union & works everyday to support all the members. She also runs the sites Coral Gables Love + Dapper Animals.

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