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Recap: How Your Story Makes All the Difference

Alexa Rose Carlin on how bloggers should share their stories.

Our April meetup was inspirational. Not only was the space visually appealing (Visual Design Art Gallery at  North Beach Village), but also our speaker, Alexa Carlin, inspired us with her amazing story. We celebrated a milestone too… our one year anniversary.

We sat in a sunny gallery surrounded by floral art as we listened to Alexa speak about “How Your Story Makes All the Difference.”

Alexa is a woman who defied the odds in overcoming a health scare at a young age. At 21, she went into septic shock and was told she had a 1% chance to live. She overcame it and still deals with health issues today, but that experience motivated her to change her life and her purpose.

Since then, she has launched a national conference, Women Empower Expo, to empower women, has spoken before many audiences and has motivated thousands.

Alexa Rose Carlin speaks about being authentic and sharing your story.

She told us how sharing her story made all of the difference and how sharing our own stories will help us make deeper connections.

Here’s her advice in clickable tweet form…

Share your story. It makes you more relateable and trustworthy.” @alexarosecarlin  Click to tweet

Strive for authenticity. Your idea might have been done before, but it hasn’t been done by you.”  @alexarosecarlin Click to tweet

We’ve been told we have to be picture perfect to be loved, but that’s not true.”  @alexarosecarlin  Click to tweet

What if you do things with unshakeable confidence? Try it.”  @alexarosecarlin  Click to tweet

I challenge you to put more of YOU in your posts, designs and work.”  @alexarosecarlin Click to tweet

You find your real tribe when you share your story.”  @alexarosecarlin  Click to tweet

I fear regret more than I fear failure.”  @alexarosecarlin  Click to tweet

Follow Alexa on her website, on Facebook or on Instagram @alexarosecarlin.

Thank you to all who shared our one-year anniversary. A big thank you also to North Beach Village and the Village Design Art Gallery for sponsoring this meetup.

North Beach Village


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