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South Florida Bloggers October Meet Up Recap

Yesterday was our South Florida Bloggers October Meetup. I can’t believe it was our fifth meetup ever! Thank you for coming out to hang out and learn about growing your website’s traffic. We met at Batch gastropub in Brickell & had Ryan Stewart as our guest speaker. You can find his Power Point presentation: The Beginner’s Guide to Blog Optimization & Content Promotion on slideshare.

Here is what I learned yesterday:

  • Collaboration: Other bloggers are not your competition. You should work together to leverage each other’s audience and get more traffic to your website.
  • Content: The best thing you can do to get traffic to your website, great SEO rankings, and social media shares is to write Killer Content: content that provides value.
  • Content: Write your content as if you are talking to a person not for SEO robots.
  • Content: figure out who your specific audience is. Who are you speaking to?
  • Content: Repurpose your content. You already invested the time to write a blog post. Convert it into a video, create a presentation you can talk about as a guest speaker, pitch it as a guest blog post with a custom introduction. Get the most out of every piece of content you create.
  • SEO: Use Google’s free Keyword planning tool to pick the right keywords.
  • SEO: Pick keywords that are less competitive.
  • SEO: When picking a topic to write about, use Google Trends to pick topics that are on the rise.

Blogger Workshops!

Yesterday’s attendees were the first to hear the big news: blogger workshops are coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled for details coming soon

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