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Orlando February Meetup Recap


Orlando February Meetup

At our February meetup we discussed  Facebook Tips & Strategies. With all the changes Facebook is doing we need to be aware to keep our numbers high as well as our engagement.  Did you know Facebook is the number one social network with 2.167 billion users and growing by 20% each year? That’s Billion! Followed by Youtube with 1.5 billion users.  Instagram is #7 with 800 million and Twitter is #11 with 330 million users. Snapchat? #16 with 225 million.  Clearly Facebook wants to stay out on top and here are some ways for you to stay on top as well.  Below we are sharing the top 3 tips from the meeting:

Facebook Tips & Strategy:

1- YouTube is competition. Video is favored more. The more you go live the better.
Remember Facebook is a social network-interaction is key! It’s great for your algorithm and for building relationships for collaborations (blog or business). It will skyrocket your engagement and visibility.

2- Post no more than 3 times in a day.

3- Do not like a post without reading it. Facebook has a way to measure whether or not you truly read post based on average reader time to read the post.
Tip: Facebook weighs more on other reactions versus the like button.

Hope these tips increases your algorithm!

Thank-you to Brooklyn Coffee for hosting us.

See you March 24, link is already live!

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