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July Meetup Recap

For the Greenville Bloggers Union July meet up the leaders (and members of the group) were really feeling the time constraints of blogging and keeping up with jobs, families, etc. so we created a meet up where bloggers could walk away with things checked off their list, not added to it.

Three major topics were covered, Content Calendar, SEO, and Photography – each having a strong emphasis on practical ways to achieve the goals of each.

For the content calendar, we talked through several programs different bloggers used to create a monthly view of their upcoming content and took time for the bloggers to try different ones and see what worked for them.

The SEO portion was specifically about keywords – how to find them and where to include them. We covered everything from Google Keyword Planner to Mom Keyword Research Tool and let the bloggers take the time to set up those programs and get familiar with them.

For photography, our group photographer walked us through efficient ways to take and edit photos, even with an iPhone. She talked to the group about lighting, composition, and best apps for editing.

The Greenville Blogger Union next meet up will be held on August 17 at 6 pm.

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