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Recap: How to Speak to Your Audience Through Podcasting

Michelle Talbert talks about Podcasting for bloggers.

Michelle Talbert talks about Podcasting for bloggers.

If you listen to podcasts, you know the power they have to educate, motivate and inspire. Our speaker Michelle Talbert taught us how to put that podcasting power to work for our blogs during our May meetup.

We sipped mimosas and sake Bloody Mary’s (thanks Brew Urban Café!) as we heard Michelle, a podcast pro and “recovering attorney,” tell us about her podcasting journey. It actually began with the written word… a book she co-wrote about online dating. It helped launch a successful radio show that also led to podcasting.

“Podcasting is another way to connect with your audience on a different platform,” she said.

And connect she does. She has since interviewed many well-known guests for her podcast, Her Power Hustle, a resource for women entrepreneurs. (Catch it on iTunes or Stitcher.)

Podcasting Tips

Here are her tips for podcasting or creating audio content that can help your blog:

  • What’s the purpose?
    Use podcasting to reach a new audience or talk to your existing one on a new platform. As Michelle says, meet people where they are. Some people prefer audio over text.
  • How should you use it?
    You can create new content or repurpose your blog content. Read a blog post, for example, or create a downloadable freebie audio file. You can even upload audio to YouTube and have it play with a static image.
  • What about schedule/length?
    Stick to an episodic schedule (weekly, biweekly or monthly) and create shows that can be consumed during a commute (up to 30 min.)
  • Plan your interviews
    Michelle has at least 3 questions in mind for each interview and uses them to have a conversation with her guests.
  • Always have a mic ready
    She carries lavalier microphones with her for impromptu interviews at live events, conferences, etc.
  • Start small
    Before going after sponsors, start small and leverage social media to grow. She suggests building an audience of 20,000 listeners to attract sponsors.
  • Go beyond iTunes
    While it’s free to get on iTunes (need approval first), don’t forget those on Android. Syndicate to different networks like Spreaker, Stitcher, SoundCloud and others. Have at least 3 episodes ready to go.

Her favorite tools…

  • AudioBoom – Smartphone app for recording audio & distributing it to podcast networks.
  • Audacity – Desktop program for recording & editing audio.
  • Lavalier microphones – These mics can be used with smartphones and clip to your collar for hands-free use. Many are available on Amazon. She also uses a double lavalier with mics for interviewer and a guest.


Ready to podcast?

She’s motivated a few of our bloggers to try it. Here’s her quick list of 3 steps to get started with your podcast.

We thank Michelle for her insights and advice! Connect with her online and say hi…


HerPowerHustle on Facebook

Her Power Hustle podcast on iTunes or Stitcher

Thank you also to our sponsors Brew Urban Café and C&I Studios for hosting us and for the yummy drinks!

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