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Divino Ceviche Bloggers Brunch Recap

Peruvian Restaurant, Divino Ceviche invited the South Florida Bloggers to try their new brunch menu. Divino Ceviche started in the dining room of Chef & owner Christian Encalada. Christian started a small restaurant in his apartment with one table – his dining table. Guests would reserve spots to Christian’s micro restaurant to try his latests dishes. The venture was so successful he was able to open a conventional restaurant with his brother, Frank, in Doral. We were invited to their second Divino Ceviche location in Coral Gables located at 160 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables.

While we waited for all the bloggers to arrive we had some, maracuya mimosas, pisco sours, chicha morada, and lemonades. They were all delicious and refreshing – the perfect drink to sip while all the bloggers caught up and/or met one another.

huevos-peruanosOur first dish was huevos Peruanos: a poached egg served with chorizo bits, cooked tomato, and Huancaina sauce. The poached egg combined perfectly with the Huancaina sauce and the chorizo and cooked tomatoes added a little savory zest to every bite. All around delicious.

chicken-and-wafflesOur second dish was a Peruvian take on fried chicken and waffles. The waffles were made from sweet potato and pumpkin and were drizzled with a homemade plum syrup. The chicken was breaded in panko bread crumbs to give it its crunchyness. I felt like it was the perfect introduction into fall. The waffles with a slight taste of pumpkin are amazing and complement the fried chicken. They also felt lighter to digest than regular white flour waffles.

butifarra-divino-cevicheOur third culinary adventure was a Butifarra: freshly baked bread filled with slices of savory pork ham (jamon del pais) and Peruvian salsa criolla. This is one amazing pork sandwich!

lomo-saltado-fried-eggsAnd finally, the pièce de résistance was their lomo saltado with fried eggs: Peruvian stir-fry made with beef, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, soy sauce, and garlic, all this, flambeed with Pisco in a wok at very high temperatures, served with hand cut potatoes and fried eggs. I mean com’on! I am a fan of lomo saltado already but add a fried egg and it tastes like heaven.

Another brunch option they offer that we didn’t try but sounds like I need to revisit just for this: their unlimited maracuya mimosas and ceviche for $19.99. Yes, they offer an all you can eat option for those who want to get their Sunday started with ceviche madness. It sounds like something I definitely want to try!

Divino-Ceviche-BloggersI love bloggers events because we can’t help giving each other tips to support each other. Plus, it’s okay to take a ton of pictures of your meal before you indulge. Everyone’s doing it! Go visit Divino Ceviche and tell them the South Florida Bloggers sent you!

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