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Bosspass: Enjoy Local Events Without Breaking The Bank

bosspass-logoLocals and those traveling to South Florida, are going to fall in love with bosspass.​ It’s a monthly pass that lets members enjoy lots of local events without breaking the bank.

Why events? They provide opportunities to learn, connect, and experience new things. Buying individual tickets can add up but with bosspass, you can have your cake and eat it, too; no fomo. Bosspass partners with local organizers to provide passes for events that cater every mood, from startup tools to festivals. Bosspass ensures to provide a variety of high quality of events.

Bosspass also produces in­-house events like Deep Frequency – a deep house yoga event designed to replicate the journey of medicinal ceremonies; and Founders’ Brunch – an intimate Q+A featuring successful startup founders sharing wisdom on the challenges of building a company. The masterminds behind bosspass have recently launched their digital event platform, bosses TV; where industry experts are invited to spread their knowledge via interviews.


Currently, bosspass is available in South Florida but expansion is in the works. The bosspass team hopes to bring the experience to every city.

This month, Founders’ Brunch will be very special. They’re teaming up with Waffle Wednesday for a waffle­licious brunch, and they’ve invited me to take the stage, October 18th at 11:30 am. Got bosspass? You can claim a pass on the app or go here for more information: Founders’ Brunch.
For more information on bosspass:

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