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Recap: Biggest SEO Mistakes Bloggers Make

When thinking of content, bloggers often stick to what interests them. While this may seem good in the beginning, most bloggers would eventually like to make revenue off of their content whether connecting with companies for sponsorship opportunities or collaborating with other bloggers to create content that will connect them to audiences they may have never been exposed to. When writing, bloggers must think outside of themselves and begin to think about the audience they would like to target. What is it that keeps them up at night in regards to problems or things they worry about? How is it that they can be a resource to help them with their problems?

On Saturday, October 14th, we had the opportunity to spend the afternoon as the novice to Feuza Dos Reis of Feuza, who is an SEO Consultant was so incredibly open and willing to share with us great information on what helps bloggers get ranked on Google with proper SEO etiquette.

SEO Blogger Mistakes

Our October Meetup was located at I Heart Mac and Cheese which is located at 1489 SE 17th St, Suite A in Ft. Lauderdale. I Heart specializes in custom made macaroni and cheese as well as grilled cheese dishes. Varieties such as Lobster Mac and Cheese and the Best of Both Worlds grilled cheese rank high on their menu.


Feuza was able to give the attendees great information about common mistakes bloggers make without even knowing. A

  • Too Many Blogging Categories
    • When creating a post, if bloggers have less than three categories on a specific subject, it would be considered a series, not a category.
  •  Spamming Titles
    • When it comes to titles in the Google world, less is more. Often times bloggers think repetitive keywords will get them ranked on Google but in actuality, it makes it difficult for your audience. When blogging while keeping the SEO in mind, bloggers are working to keep Google happy as well as the user because in the end, the user will end up being the individual or company you collaborate with. Try to create user friendly titles that draw the user in. If the title is not interesting and doesn’t draw the user in, Google will push it down causing the blog to be less difficult to find. Feuza mentioned CoSchedule’s “Headline Analyzer” is a great tool that assigns a score to the blog post’s top titles.
  • Ignoring Interlinking
    • Keep the user in mind. Your audience will not know blogging terms so it is best to ask them what they are interested in hearing more about or use websites such as Reddit or Ask to see what is being searched for and how it is being worded.
  • Too Many Tags
    • For tags to be effective, bloggers must have six posts a year using that tag. Bloggers should focus on one keyword per page per post or else they will end up competing with themselves.
  • Lack of Text
    • Fashion bloggers often fall short when it comes text. They enjoy an aesthetically pleasing post as opposed to a post containing lengthy text. This will not get you noticed through Google. Google recognizes text and therefore is able to rank according to the length of text posted.
  • Lack of Social Sharing
    • The more content is being shared from a blogger, the better your chances are of being ranked. Think of it as extra credit for your blog. She also mentioned the perfect spot for “share” links is at the top of the page so the user is able to locate it quickly.

Feuza offered bloggers a freebie to help them out with SEO. The freebie can be found

Thanks to everyone who attended our October Meetup. We look forward to seeing you all in November! A special thanks to I Heart Mac and Cheese for hosting us and  providing us with yummy mac and cheese. They’re located at 1489 SE 17th St, Suite A in Ft. Lauderdale and can be found online at


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