The Blogger Union Sponsor Testimonials

Breakthru Beverage Florida

Breakthru Beverage South Florida Bloggers Sponsor logo“We had an excellent experience working with the South Florida Bloggers Union at their first annual Bloggers Awards ceremony. They were very professional, and we enjoyed collaborating with them as the Cocktail Class Sponsor for event. Thank you for the creative social media posts and highlighting some of our brands at the event. Overall, it was a very successful event.” – Allen Levin, Social Media + Digital Media, Breakthru Beverage Florida

South Beach Seafood Festival

sobe-seafood-2015-400“The team at South Florida Bloggers was truly enjoyable to work with and went the extra mile to help promote our South Beach Seafood Festival. Their network truly responded to our event and with their help, we over exceeded our goal in attendees and spreading the #SobeSeafood love. Can’t wait for next year!” – Valerie Roy, Co-Founder, South Beach Seafood Festival


Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano Logo“We had a great experience working with The South Florida Bloggers Union for our recent event for Parmigiano Reggiano. It was wonderful working with them throughout the organizational process and all the members who attended our event were a delight and so much fun, as well as very professional. We received a great list of results as well from the bloggers sharing their experience with their followers. We look forward to doing another event in the Miami area and working them again.” – Danielle Caponi Bolla, Co-Director Consorzio Parmigiano-Reggiano USA Promotions and Marketing



The Blogger Union Macys Testimonial“I had an amazing experience partnering with the South Florida Bloggers! We hired them to assist with customer engagement and promotional strategy for our monthly cooking presentation. Their team was very professional, creative and resourceful. I would definitely recommend their services to another organization.” – Tamara Ray, Special Events Manager, Macy’s Parade and Entertainment Group

Adventure Links

“Paola and South Florida Bloggers were great! As a company opening a new location in Miami, we were looking for a way to reach new customers and build trust in the market. We knew we wanted to reach out to bloggers, and The Blogger Union made the process extremely easy. This initiative exceeded our expectations and provided us with more impressions than we could have ever hoped for. We can’t wait to work with South Florida Bloggers again!” – Chase Mayo, Marketing Director of Adventure Links


Divino Ceviche

divino-ceviche-logo“I liked working with the South Florida Bloggers and monitoring the social media feeds. We received new business through the bloggers. People kept tagging their pictures as a place to go. You can see the ROI right away. It’s definitely a way better option than newspaper ads or direct mailings. We also got lots of exposure on social media and we look forward to working with them again.” – Frank Encalada, Co-Owner of Divino Ceviche



Madewell South Florida Bloggers Sponsor Logo“Definitely, in this day and age it’s important to create attention on social media and to promote via social media instead of investing on print advertising or traditional advertising. Our customers are on social media.

Working with South Florida Bloggers was such a fun and unique experience. The bloggers were so comfortable in their style and had such lovely energy. Everyone was embracing each other’s unique qualities and bouncing ideas off of one another. There was no tension regarding competition, but rather a sense of a growing and expanding family of ladies who are all in the same field mentoring one another. A big thanks to Paola for helping gather these ladies altogether for a great styling session at Madewell Merrick Park, it was a pleasure working with you all!” – Gaby Rosario, Events & Marketing at Madewell

Miami Culinary Tours

logo miami culinary tours“Having South Florida Bloggers was a great way to get exposure for Miami Culinary Tours. We hosted more than 25 bloggers in a three week period at our Wynwood Food & Art Tour, and everyone was very active in social media as we were tracking live mentions. They were all extremely engaged with the experience and it was a pleasure having them all. Everyone followed up with writing a blog post of the food tour we provided – and Paola was very professional and quickly responded to all requests. Thank you folks!” – Grace Della, Co-Founder of Miami Culinary Tours

Coral Gables Art Cinema

gables-cinema-logo2“Working with our community by hosting events such as the South Florida Bloggers meet-up is paramount to our mission. It’s a great way to give others the ability to use our theater while also engaging with a new audience and letting them know that we’re around.” – Javier Chavez, Associate Director Coral Gables Art Cinema

Batch Miami

batch-miami-logo“We did have bloggers come in to redeem their cards which was great! We love keeping ourselves integrated with the local community and in tune to up and coming writing talent. It’s important to us to have a great reputation with bloggers and the marketing presentation itself was super informative and helpful for us in house!

Plus, you guys actually putting on the event, yourself in particular, were extremely kind and professional. It was a pleasure working with you. You’re welcome back any time. 🙂 ” – Jensen Eddins, Marketing & Events Manager of Batch Miami Gastropub

Donut Divas

Donut Divas Logo Miami“We have never seen such immediate results with other types of advertising. The South Florida Bloggers had an event here at Donut Divas and our social media mentions and geo tagging went through the roof. New customers kept tagging each other on their Instagram posts and we’ve seen an increase in sales. We can’t wait to work with them again and highly recommend them.” – Yojani Blandino, Owner Donut Divas



Keyworking Miami, not your typical co-working space. The Blogger Union Sponsor.“It has been a pleasure working, hosting and partnering with South Florida Bloggers. Not only are they extremely organized with the planning and execution of their events making it a no brainer to work with them, but also a great opportunity for our venue to tap into their network. On top of all that goodness, they are active with promoting the space and mentioning us on all their social media outlets.” – Stephanie Rosado, Keyworking HUB Director



paddleupp-logo2“It was a pleasure having all the South Florida Bloggers Paddleboarding with us! Thanks for all the love and support; and we look forward to more days of adventure.” – Ana Bedoya, Owner of Paddleupp

The Barre Code

the-barre-code-logo“The Barre Code Miami had an amazing turn out for their first ever bloggers barre class with seventeen bloggers in total ready to sweat it out. All of the bloggers were eager to capture what The Barre Code was all about and they all did an amazing job via Snapchat, Instagram, and their individual blogs. It was great to experience the energy that all seventeen bloggers brought to class, gave during class, and continued to show by networking with each other and the studio even after we were done. We can’t wait to partner with South Florida Bloggers again!” – Jo Murdock, The Barre Code Master Trainer