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Rome Bloggers April 2017 Meetup

Last weekend’s Rome Bloggers meet-up was one for the books. We had a very successful event on the ever important topic of how to attract visitors to a blog and on search engine optimization, in which our expert, Nicolo Occhipinti, shared with us his finest tips and tricks. The location was hosted by Tommi’s Burger Joint. Tommi’s also provided all attendees with a delicious, complimentary lunch of burgers and fries that we indulged in after the presentation.

We were very fortunate to have Nicolo speak to our group last month. Nicolo is a photographer, digital communications manager, and editorial director for Rimlight, a models and photographers magazine. He was able to touch upon several different topics of importance when it comes to building a blog, such as: how to create a powerful content strategy, how to use photography to engage visitors, the importance of traffic analysis, and SEO. During his presentation, he provided illustrations and links on how to define a content strategy as well as resources on search engine optimization which elaborated on SEO secrets every blogger should know. The full presentation, with included links, is available to view here.

This was the first meet-up hosted at Tommi’s Burger Joint. Tommi’s is a fairly new burger restaurant that opened in the Prati neighborhood of Rome last fall. Since then it has quickly moved up the ranks on Trip Advisor’s list of restaurants, as it is currently in Rome’s Top 20 out of almost 10,000! You can read here about why it’s becoming the go-to place for a break from the typical pasta and pizza. It’s a no-brainer as the atmosphere, hospitality of the staff, and delicious food makes it a great place to have lunch or dinner.

As always, the support from our members was very much appreciated as the meet-up was early on a Sunday morning, but that, of course, didn’t stop those from coming out to meet other like-minded people and learn more about the blogging world.

Stay tuned for the next meet-up at the end of May!





Rome Bloggers March 2017 Meetup

Last Sunday, March 26th, our 5th Rome Bloggers meet-up was held at The Beehive. After several requests for a photography workshop from members, we listened and delivered! Our guest speaker this time was Jared Chuba, from What If We Blog. Jared has been taking up photography since late 2015, when he started shooting pictures for La Casabloga. Since then he has been a self-taught photographer who has gone through several trial and errors behind his lens, just like any beginner photographer.

During the presentation, Jared went over:

  1. Cameras-the different types of cameras that are available and why he chose to go with the Sony a6000 mirror-less camera.
  2. The 3 pillars of photography and why they are important: iso, aperture, and shutter speed.
  3. Post-production: JPEG vs RAW images

Then, Jared edited several pictures on his laptop with us, showing the step-by-step of his editing technique and process.

Jared’s photography can found via his blog, What If We Blog, his partner’s blog, La Casabloga, and on Instagram.

Thank you to everyone that came out for this special workshop and thanks to Linda for co-hosting! It was another successful event and we are so thankful for everyone’s support. We hope to see you all in April for the next event.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in speaking at a future meetup, be sure to email us at rome@thebloggerunion.com.


Rome Bloggers February 2017 Meetup

Last Sunday was our 4th Rome Bloggers meet-up which was held at The Beehive Hostel in Rome. There was a good mix of familiar faces and new faces alike on this beautiful, sunny day as we all gathered to listen and talk about social media. Our guest speaker, Anastasiya Gorshkova, creator of fitness brand and platform, Anastasiya Craze, gave a very well organized speech and presentation on how to use social media to elevate your brand.

During her presentation she discussed best practices for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and general tips for social media. She also shared how she was able to use these platforms to make the Anastasiya Craze brand what it is today as well as tips for beginners who are just getting started in the digital space. If you haven’t checked out Anastasiya’s platforms yet, be sure to do so through YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. She is quickly expanding her audience of fitness junkies as they travel with her all over the world and enjoy equipment-free work outs through their computer screen!

There were a variety of members present from comedians to online language teachers to beauty, travel, and health/wellness gurus. Although our personal niches are all different, there is no denying that social media is equally important to all of us and is crucial in today’s technological driven world to succeed.

We are looking forward to the next meet-up happening in March on photography! The date and time will be announced soon on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages so make sure to keep on eye out for that. You won’t want to miss it.

Rome Bloggers January 2017 Meetup

This past Saturday, January 14th, the third Rome Bloggers meet-up was held. The event took place at Sideways Vineria Bistrot, located in San Giovanni. Instead of a typical group speaker events we have had in the past, this meet-up was more of an informal, casual event. Since this was the first meet-up of the year, after many have been traveling, it was a great way to welcome bloggers back from the festive holiday season for a networking aperitivo.

There were many new faces in addition to several attendees from previous events. Among the bloggers, we had attendees from Africa, Australia, the United States, Canada, and Italy that blog about a range of different topics. It was great to meet so many new faces and re-connect with familiar ones.

The next meet-up will be taking place next month at The Beehive with a special guest speaker, Anastasiya Craze, on the topic of social media so you won’t want to miss out! Be sure to follow us on our Rome Bloggers account on Instagram to find out about future meet-ups and events.  We hope the next meet-up is just as successful as the others have been in connecting like-minded people in the area through this inclusive community. If you have any questions or would like to learn how to get involved, email us at rome@thebloggerunion.com.

Rome Bloggers November 2016 Meetup

The Blogger Union Meetup #2

This past Sunday, November 20th, the second Rome Bloggers meet-up was hosted by co-founders, Estrella Gomez, LaCasabloga and Jared Chuba, What If We. It was our first meet-up with a guest speaker and we were so lucky to have Zoey Arielle speak. She has quickly become a well-known online public figure, due to the success of her YouTube channel, where she makes videos on topics such as minimalism, veganism, and other lifestyle topics.

Zoey spoke to us about her journey on YouTube, and why she decided to a create a channel in the first place. She is originally from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, but like many of us at the meet-up she decided to leave her home country to pursue a new life in Rome, Italy.

While many of those in attendance are primarily bloggers at the moment, and haven’t yet ventured into the world of running a YouTube channel, the majority were interested in starting their own channel and seeked Zoey’s advice on how to do so. She also touched upon her work here in Italy, which includes being a digital nomad of sorts, as she balances YouTube along with also having several freelance clients for whom she provides digital marketing for.

The meet-up was a great opportunity for bloggers to get to know one another and network. A huge thank you to The Beehive, a cozy, intimate hostel owned by an American couple, Linda & Steve, who have now lived in Rome for over 15 years! Again, many thanks to Zoey Arielle, for speaking to us about her journey in the digital space and inspiring many others to do the same.

Rome Bloggers - Meetup - Nov 20 Rome Bloggers - Meetup - Nov 20 Rome Bloggers - Meetup - Nov 20

the Beehive Rome the Beehive Rome


Rome Bloggers October 2016 Meetup

Rome Bloggers - Meetup - Oct 1

The very first Rome Bloggers meetup was held at the Maxxi Museum of Contemporary Art Cafe on October 1st. The meetup was a very casual and conversational gathering to get to know one another a bit better.

We really enjoyed being able to get to know each other and ask questions; the feedback was great considering everyone comes from different corners of the world and is passionate about different types of blogging.

During the meetup, we discussed ideas for future workshops, events, and topics that may be interesting to hear about. Also, since our group was small, it was very diverse as far as different aspects of blogging within the group.

Group from left to right:

Jared Chuba from www.whatifweblog.com is a travel and lifestyle blogger that expresses his experience abroad via his blog, photography and YouTube channel.

Estrella Gomez from www.lacasabloga.com is a beauty, travel, and lifestyle blogger and enjoys blogging about a variety of topics from ways she tries to stay in shape to beauty products she is loving at the moment.

Saffiyyah Paul from www.blog.saffiyyah.com is a clothes designer for her own brand and also a blogger. She is in the works of developing and creating her clothing website with a blog to give styling tips and advice on how to wear her pieces.

Saghar Setareh from www.labnoon.com is a food photographer and blogger. On her blog, she so effortlessly curates her love for food between a mix of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Originally from Iran, her blog features recipes and inspiration, as well as delicious food pictures that will leave you hungry!

Alessandro Mattaroli from www.semiografica.com is learning the in’s and out’s of how to mix a blog with a business page and successfully reach new clients. Semiografica produces Digital Printed Artifacts for Interior Design and is getting more involved in the social side of things to increase customer interaction and engagement.

Our next meetup will be in November. Thank you to everyone that was able to make this first meetup possible and we hope to see you all again soon. Keep an eye out for the next meetup announcement!








October Rome Bloggers First Meetup

October Rome Meetup

October Rome Bloggers First Meetup

The Blogger Union is now in Rome! Come join us on Saturday, October 1st from 12-1pm to become a part of the FIRST international group in The Blogger Union. We hope to connect creatives from different platforms whether it be photographers, bloggers, vloggers, etc. and hope to host monthly meetups with guest speakers as well. Join us for an casual afternoon coffee to discuss ideas, meet other bloggers in the area, or if you are simply thinking of starting a blog, you are more than welcome!

Please RSVP for this event:

About the host, Estrella Gomez (instagram.com/lacasabloga)

Estrella is a Charleston, South Carolina native that recently moved from Miami, Florida to Rome, Italy. She has been running her own personal lifestyle blog, www.lacasabloga.com for almost one year. In addition to blogging, Estrella really enjoys traveling, reading, writing, beauty, fashion, and anything health/fitness related.

Estrella has always had a love for journalism since school when she graduated with her B.A. in Communications from Charleston Southern University. Her passion to share everything she’s learned in the beauty industry, hobbies, and places to travel, led her to start her own blog to share what she knows with others.

Estrella looks forward to building a supportive and inclusive community of bloggers in Rome through The Blogger Union, dedicated to growing and thriving through kind collaboration.