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December Recap: The Greenville Bloggers Refocus and Set Goals

Everyone loves this time of the year. There’s nothing quite like the holiday hustle and bustle. But it’s also the most wonderful time of the year to start setting goals and figuring out your direction for the next year.

In the last meetup of 2016, the Greenville Bloggers were challenged by marketing professional (and co-founder of the group) Andrea Huerta to discover measurable, achievable goals for the upcoming year. But before we dove into the meat of the meetup (no pun intended!), the bloggers heard a short presentation from the local business Remix Design.

A stay-at-home mom in the Greenville area, Ashley of Remix takes a new spin on interior design and fashions her client’s homes using the items they already own. Ashley provides a way for people on a budget to get new interiors with their own style and flair.

Next, the meetup members gave brief introductions about themselves and their blogs and a little bit about why they started their blog. Andrea then launched into her helpful, goal-setting presentation starting with a great exercise on how to define your target audience.

With a worksheet and the encouragement of other bloggers around the table, it was a positive and helpful workshop on Honing Your Big Idea and how to make it possible. We also live-streamed the event on Facebook so members who were sick and couldn’t make the event could still benefit from the presentation.

Many thanks to Textile Hall in the Village of West Greenville for allowing us to use their space!

December Greenville Blogger Union Meetup


Join the Greenville chapter of the Blogger Union on December 1 for an evening of networking, inspiration, and a session on Honing your Big Idea: How to Define Your Target Audience, Refine Your Messaging, and Write Your Mission Statement.

About the Speaker | Andrea Huerta (businessandbabies.co)

Andrea Huerta, Chapter Officer for the Greenville Blogger Union, and blogger at businessandbabies.co will be leading the session on Honing Your Big Idea. Andrea’s ongoing professional experience in the public relations, corporate communication, and marketing world has led her to gain foundational knowledge for bloggers and businesses, no matter where you are in your blogging journey!

Local Business Feature


Attendees of the Greenville Blogger Union December Meetup will also be treated to a short presentation by a local business owner, Ashley Tribble of Remix Design. With a background in both commercial and residential interior design, Ashley is a stay-at-home mom that is using her passion and expertise to grow a unique interior design business. Opportunities for collaboration and features are available! Check out the Remix Design Facebook page for examples of her work.


Our Location 

Many thanks to Textile Hall for hosting the event! Textile Hall is a co-working space in the Village of West Greenville that seeks to encourage collaboration and provide a workspace for the “greater good.”