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Why you should become a Sponsor of The Blogger Union

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Blogger Union Sponsor! There are many benefits to working with our local blogger communities. Here are just a few:

“81% of the online U.S. population trusts the information and advice they get from bloggers.” – Blog Her

  • Gain Exposure:

    Working with the right bloggers will expose your business to your target market! The Blogger Union Chapters have engaged, loyal communities of bloggers in niches ranging from food and fashion to local events, lifestyle and travel.

  • Get Unique, Shareable Content:

    The Blogger Union Members work very hard to write unique, authentic, and moving stories that their communities can identify with. These carefully crafted blog posts, social media posts and/or videos connect with followers, creating a relationship of trust. When you create a relationship with the right blogger, you tap into that connection and will get AMAZING, CREATIVE, & MEANINGFUL content that the community will be happy to share and talk about.

  • Expand Your Social Media Presence:

    Bloggers have learned to grow their audiences through social media and can help you do the same. By getting involved with our bloggers, you can make your business part of the digital conversation and improve your reach and reputation online.


  • Boost Search Engine Optimization:

    Take over the search results with blog articles recommending your business and services. Plus, the links from Blogger Union Member websites will improve your own site’s search engine optimization too!

  • Reach New Customers:

    Bloggers have built human connections with their niche audiences. When you build a relationship with a blogger, members of their community can become members of yours.

  • Increase Sales:

    Bloggers are trusted by their fans and this trust leads to action. Work with the bloggers your demographic turns to when looking for reviews or making a purchase. Attract new prospects and increase sales by working with credible South Florida Bloggers.

  • Enhance Your Branding:

    Increase your brand’s status and online reputation with blogger brand ambassadors. Our bloggers discover (and set) trends in the worlds of food, fashion, travel and more. Let your brand benefit as their readers go to them for new discoveries. Posts by brand ambassadors are a powerful way to show your product out in the wild.

  • Increase Your Website Traffic:

    Posts by bloggers will drive traffic to your website. Their credibility and reader loyalty will help convert that traffic into leads. More blog links to your website will also give your site more authority with Google. Over time, all of your blogger collaborations will provide long-term results for your website and

  • Reach your target audience through our blogger network!
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    “61% of the U.S. online population has made a purchase based on a recommendation from bloggers.” – Blog Her

    Traditional Marketing vs. Influencer Marketing

    As a small business owner (I run a private guitar school in Coral Gables with my husband), I was struggling to get our name out in the world. With a tiny marketing budget, I was not getting results from traditional marketing (direct mailing, magazine ads, etc.). So I turned to social media and blogging as avenues to market my business – and it worked. I want to show South Florida businesses that a great, new way to get noticed is through influencers such as the members of South Florida Bloggers. You can get the same results I did, but tenfold, because you can work with many bloggers besides just little ol’ me.

    Sponsor Testimonials

    South Beach Seafood Festival

    sobe-seafood-2015-400“The team at South Florida Bloggers was truly enjoyable to work with and went the extra mile to help promote our South Beach Seafood Festival. Their network truly responded to our event and with their help, we over exceeded our goal in attendees and spreading the #SobeSeafood love. Can’t wait for next year!” – Valerie Roy, Co-Founder, South Beach Seafood Festival


    Miami Culinary Tours

    logo miami culinary tours“Having South Florida Bloggers was a great way to get exposure for Miami Culinary Tours. We hosted more than 25 bloggers in a three week period at our Wynwood Food & Art Tour, and everyone was very active in social media as we were tracking live mentions. They were all extremely engaged with the experience and it was a pleasure having them all. Everyone followed up with writing a blog post of the food tour we provided – and Paola was very professional and quickly responded to all requests. Thank you folks!” – Grace Della, Co-Founder of Miami Culinary Tours

    Divino Ceviche

    divino-ceviche-logo“I liked working with the South Florida Bloggers and monitoring the social media feeds. We received new business through the bloggers. People kept tagging their pictures as a place to go. You can see the ROI right away. It’s definitely a way better option than newspaper ads or direct mailings. We also got lots of exposure on social media and we look forward to working with them again.” – Frank Encalada, Co-Owner of Divino Ceviche

    For even more testimonials visit our Testimonials Page!